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Decorative Panel Railing

Perforated Panel Balustrade Interior Stairs Railing

Make your next artistic project shine and stand out with custom metal fabricated components railing from Longtai Metal. 

With complete fabrication capabilities, we can provide signage, table components, gussets, frames, and more to fit your individual piece of art or custom installation. 

Our finishing capabilities ensure that your artwork is front and center and supported with style.


metal panel balustrade

metal panel balustrade


Metal Panel Balustrade


Products Type
Interior Aluminum Handrail Fence
Application Location
Villa, Garden,Courtyard Fence,Residential Apartment Garden,
Pattern Design
Customized, ODM Design
Main Section for Fence & Railing
Balcony Balustrade: balustrade top railing,balustrade,balustrade pillar,Base Plate for pillar,decorative cast flowers,grill,base
plate cap,etc.
Height 1100mm (customized),Length:Customized, should be less than 6 meters for container loading.
Surface Treatment
Powder coated, PE Spraying, PVDF, Anodized,etc.
Color Chart
RAL Color,Dulex Color,etc.Customized.
Main Production Process
Cutting,CNC Punching,Laser Cutting,Bending, Welding,Painting.
Metal Fence Fabrication Method
CNC Cutting, CNC Engraving,Water-Jet Cutting, Laser Cut, CNC Punching,Stamping,Shaping.