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LongTai is one of the world’s comprehensive stainless steel cable railing manufacturers, offering a variety of railing, baluster, staircase, decorative panel, SS security bollards, fittings, and metalwork. Allow me to briefly introduce our major products in the following parts.

Railings: We offer top-quality and well-designed stainless steel railing, balcony glass railing, aluminum railing, wall railings, and foot railings. In to addition these five normal railings systems, we also offer a custom-made frameless glass balustrade system. Adopting the premium stainless steel, our stainless steel railing system has relatively higher durability and longer service life. The glass railings we offer are the glass balustrade railing system, frameless glass balustrade spigots system, u channel glass railing, and standoff pin glass railing system. If you need some decorative railings, we could satisfy your aesthetic needs with the excellent and glorious decorative aluminium panel for your railing system. They not only are rugged and durable but also have strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, it requires no maintenance.

Baluster: LongTai offers a variety of stair stainless steel balusters and aluminum balcony balusters. Various shapes of balusters are available in LongTai. Multiple benefits that the LongTai aluminum balusters bring to you. First, it is magnificent and grand. Second, it would present you with a high decorative effect that could attract the eyes of your guests. Third, the balustrade provides you with an easy installation.

LongTai is one of the world’s professional stainless steel cable railing manufacturers specializing in designing and producing the most innovative stainless steel cable railing manufacturers in all styles. Each products was thoroughly inspected and quality-controlled before being sent out. With this diligent procedure that took us months of hard work, we are certain that you are receiving only outstanding products every single time!