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The pure beauty of metal comes to life in LongTai stainless steel square pipe railing. Longtai offers a modern stainless steel railing that is perfect for any urban dwelling, a downtown loft, or oceanfront property. LongTai takes advantage of the benefits of stainless steel square pipe railing  features, designing modern and perfect stainless steel railings. LongTai offers, stainless steel cable railing, steel decorative panel railing system, and stainless steel rod railing.

●The Stainless Steel Rod Balustrade of the Stainless Steel Rod Railing system is durable and well safeguard the passerby's safety with sits thoughtful design. Our stainless steel rod railing is a great option for indoor or outdoor use, such as banks, stations, hospitals, post offices, theaters, airports, airports, subways, etc.

●As its name implies, the Steel Decorative Panel Railing System is a decorative railing system those the panel could be designed to various patterns. LongTai mainly adopts laser cutting technology to make the patterns of this railing system, due to the accuracy of the laser cutting. The customized design service is available in LongTai. You could make your ideal decorative panels to fit your decoration project.

●In the Stainless Steel Cable Railing System, we prefer to adopt 262 series tension stainless steel as the cable of the railing system, because of the durability of the 262 series tension stainless steel. The size of the cable is about 4-6mm. As for the material, three materials are available: 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and carbon steel. The three types of materials also can be treated with brushed, mirror, powder-coated.

LongTai is one of the world’s professional stainless steel square pipe railing manufacturers specializing in designing and producing the most innovative stainless steel square pipe railing in all styles. Each stainless steel square pipe railing was thoroughly inspected and quality-controlled before being sent out. With this diligent procedure that took us months of hard work, we are certain that you are receiving only outstanding products every single time!