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Cleaning Guide to Aluminum Railings System

Cleaning Guide to Aluminum Railings System

17 Dec, 2021

The aluminum railing is visually striking that can bring a distinctive feature in the layout of the balcony. Because of the impressive visual impact, the new trend aluminum railings still continue in the home decoration. For homeowners, the aluminum railings are a great option because they are low-maintenance and great-looking.

How to Thoroughly Clean Aluminum Railings

Although they require low maintenance, they still get dirt, exposed to the environment. Luckily, it is an easy job to clean the aluminum railing system, with the help of common household products. This guide would give you some tricks for cleaning your outdoor railing.

Soft Sponge & Mild Soap

First, you could use mild soap to wipe on the surface of the railing, then clean the aluminum railing with the soft sponge soaked in the water. After that, you need to rinse the railings completely with clean water after cleaning, in order to remove the residual soap.

Notice: Do not use steel wool, scouring pads, or any other that could scratch or gouge the railing surface, especially the aluminum interior stair handrail. The scratch from steel wool would significantly reduce the charm of the railing panel. You also should avoid using solvents and harsh chemicals.

If you determine to use something new cleaning to clean the railings, the first thing you need to do is test it on a small area of the railings to make sure it would not cause damage or discoloration.



Powder Coating

Generally speaking, most aluminum products are coated with a powder finish. This is the secret to why it is so durable. However, the coating still discolors during the natural aging process and leaves a chalk-like residue when time goes by.

Restoring the railings to their original surface is easy too. Only you pour the non-abrasive cleaning product on a soft sponge to wash railings away before polishing.

How to Clean Minimal Debris Off of Aluminum Railings

For outdoor glass balustrade systems, the seasonal showers could keep the aluminum railings clean. If your sailings get slightly dirty or sprinkled with pollen, simply rinsing the railing with water and a damp sponge will let the railing restore.

When you find that some tree seeds or sap cover on your aluminum railing, you may need to clean your railings more frequently. It is because the sun exposure and heat could make the sap harder to remove.

How Often Should You Clean Aluminum Railings?

Because of the chemical property of the aluminum, cleaning an aluminum railing once or twice per year is enough to keep its attractive looking if it is exposed to a normal environment.


However, if the railing is installed near the ocean, a pool, or somewhere with saltwater or with significant environmental pollution, it is recommended that the railing need to be cleaned and inspected more frequently. It is because the saltwater and chemicals in the air lead to corrosion in railings, as a result, the functional condition of the railings are get affected.


Compared with stainless steel railing, the aluminum railing is a more gorgeous product. As an old saying, no pain no gain. This attractive effect needs owners to maintain. Therefore, when you install the aluminum railing for your house, you need to clean it once or two per year, a suggestion from professional aluminum railing manufacturers.

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