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Auto Lifting Bollard

304 Electric lifting Bollard Road safety barrier

The fully automatic hydraulic lifting column is a complete set of micro hydraulic drive system composed of a micro motor and an integrated hydraulic cylinder. The system is built into the lifting column through structural parts. Each lifting column is an independent unit, perfect The realization of the integration of microcomputer, electricity and hydraulics. Equipped with an emergency release system, the column can be artificially lowered to open the passage in case of power outages and other emergency situations.


         The lifting column is mainly used to control the passage of road vehicles. It can be used in conjunction with barriers, parking systems, etc., or used alone. It is mainly designed and developed for sensitive areas to prevent unauthorized vehicles from forcibly entering. It has a high The practicability, reliability, and safety. 




Product Name:
automatic hydraulic rising bollard
304stainless steel
Operate mode:
Power supply:
 110V/220V/(control voltage 36V)
Column diameter:
168mm±2mm(OEM: 133mm,219mm, 273mm)
travel height:
Waterproof degree:
Operating Temperature:
-30℃ to +70℃
Control model:
 push button/card reader/remote control/loop detector
Running speed:
 2-4S ( ascending )
Safety signs:
reflective tape/LED warning light zipper/loop detector system traffic lights
stainless steel/plastic coating for steel tube Traffic Road Bollard,automatic bollards,cast iron road stake bollards
Optional Function:
Traffic Lamp/Solar light/Hand Pump/Safety Photocell, Reflective tape/sticker, buzzer
Optional Color:
Brushed titanium gold, champagne, rose gold, Brown, red, purple,sapphire blue, gold, dark blue paint, chocolate,stainless steel,Chinese red paint

lifting bollard


security bollard









Brand Name
Product Type
stainless steel hydraulic rising bollards
304 stainless steel 
Approx 110KG/pcs
Moving body Height
600mm (customized)
Moving body Diameter
219mm (OEM: 133mm,168mm, 219mm, 273mm etc.)
Total Height
1100mm (customized)
Steel Thickness
6mm±0.3 (customized )
Engine Power
Movement Mechanism
Integrated electric-hydraulic drive
Unit Operating Voltage
Supply voltage: 220V (control voltage 24V)
Operating Temperature
-45℃ to +75℃
Dustproof and waterproof level
Optional Function
Traffic Lamp, Solar light, Hand Pump, Safety Photocell, Reflective warning tape/sticker
Installation Distance 
Bollard center spacing 1.2-1.5m
Running time
2-6S ( adjustable).
Control mode
Remote control ( 50m - 20m) /button line control/license plate recognition/Bluetooth sensor/mobile APP remote control (optional).
Power failure emergency
Reserve battery
Collision resistance
1108KJ ( Car speed 65km/h)
External equipment
Traffic lights/voice prompts to pass (optional)