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Foot Railings

Stainless steel foot railing LTF-01

Footrails offer optimum protection to the lower part and skirting element of walls.


They are also the perfect protection for vulnerable glass walls, screens, freezer/fridge equipment and deli counters.

Available with a choice of either Stainless Steel or a PVCu finish, the foot rail is a great defence; stopping heavyweight trolleys, motorised trucks and vehicles colliding with walls and partitions.

Inherently hygienic, robust and with a long lifecycle. 



50 mm dia.

Supplied in 3 m lengths

Standard fixing bracket is 150 mm high after being slotted into 100 mm deep socket.

The base is 60 mm dia.



Stainless steel type 304 extruded tube.

304 stainless steel floor bracket.


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Foot Rails are suitable to be used in a healthcare, school ,Airport or retail environment with an option of removable rail to allow easy cleaning.