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SS Baluster Glass Railing

Frameless Glass Balustrade System: SS frameless glass balustrade

Framed Glass Balustrades are a combination of satin or mirror polished stainless steel tube, with stylish modular stainless steel components and toughened glass, the stainless steel clamps attached to the sides which support the glass panels. Handrails are typically mounted on top of the posts, however other options are available using various bracket types to achieve a different look.


What is A Fully Frameless Glass Balustrade?

As its name implies, the frameless glass balustrade system is designed to abandon any kind of structural frame, so the glass panels are connected to the substrate by the frameless glass balustrade spigots. The glass panel also can get fixed by other frameless balustrade fittings such as standoffs.

Introduction of Frameless Glass Balustrade System

It is a surface mounted system which requires appropriate structural support for fixing, the posts may be attached to either concrete, timber or steel structures. This balustrade is suitable for almost any application, including stairwells, decking and balconies.


Frameless Glass Balustrade System: Choice and flexibility

Whereas with many stainless steel balustrade systems you have a limited choice designs, choose ours and you’ll have a whole host of options;

1. Top rail or no top rail:Choose a system with a top rail for a more traditional look or go without for a minimalist, “barely there” styling

2. Posts:  You’ve a choice of diameters for the posts (40*40mm / 50*50mm / 40*60 mm / Ø70*70mm)

3. Components:A wide selection of components and fixings is available. This enables a wide range of distinctive designs to be created

4. Height: We offer the balustrade system at heights anywhere between 900mm (for systems installed at ground level) and 2 metres (for privacy screens). Note: decks, balconies and raised areas of 600mm or more above ground level require an 1100 mm high handrail (if work is subject to building regulations)


Application of Frameless Glass Balustrade System

frameless glass balcony railing

frameless glass balcony railing

frameless glass balcony railing

frameless glass balcony railing

frameless glass balcony railing

frameless glass balcony railing

frameless glass balcony railing

frameless glass balcony railing








Stainless Steel(304 or 316)



mirror polish

Electro plating

powder coat


Temperedglass (Mono or SGP laminated)

clear /tinted/frit

MIN 12mm


Why choose this system?

Standard Specifications

Project Suitability

•Timeless design is suitable for almost any location


•Modular design allows flexible design - can go round corners and up/down steps


•Simple to install


•Suitable for surface (floor) and fascia mounting


•Building regulation compliant




•50*50*1.5 mm diameter stainless steel baluster posts (floor or fascia mount)


•Modular stainless steel components


•10 mm toughened glass panels - cut to size to suit project


•Grade 304 or Grade 316 stainless steel


•Satin or mirror polished finish (mirror finish recommended for coastal areas)



•Patio and decks




•Retail Projects


•Offices / commercial


•Swimming pools


•Holiday Lodges